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My name is Ibon Markaida; I’m a graphic designer and illustrator born and bred on the coast. I like plants, walking barefoot and the printed page.  I have a dangerous weakness for pin badges, special typography, postcards, stationery and arts and crafts shops, and I keep a little notepad on my bedside table to jot down ideas that come to me at midnight.  My neurons dance to the rhythm of music or the radio.

I have worked as a graphic designer in small, medium and large-scale settings, at St. Margaret’s House, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and Ikea, among others. All of them offered me the opportunity to learn new melodies and words, to embark on new projects and to meet extremely valuable contacts. What’s more, I have always had other jobs as well (a family from Hong Kong once gave me a five euro tip when I was a waiter), which has led to me acquiring more knowledge and enriching my professional life even more. Would you like to know more about me? If you are interested, get in touch with me and I will send you my CV or a more complete portfolio.

I find a great calmness in being near the sea, as in its song I find the answer to many of my headaches. I compile and collect packaging and special objects which I find interesting, and I buy many products simply because I like their wrapping or containers. When it’s food, I often regret having to eat it. The hours often fly by when I am engrossed in doing my thing.  Have I already mentioned that I love paper? Yes, because, in fact “The best screen will be nothing but an electronic approximation of the printed page” (Kane, 2019, p. 105) 1.

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At the start of this year I put up a shelf in my bedroom.  I had wanted to do it for a while.

I caught this beautiful clouds on a stormy summer afternoon in Izaba

Kane, J. (2019). Typography Manual. Barcelona: Editorial Gustavo Gili.

I like languages, and their tones and rhymes. Someone who I used to work with greeted me like this on a summer’s morning.
In honour of a well-known song.

liebe sorgen.

I’m a graphic designer who is more productive in bad weather. I love illustration and animation. I’m also king of the “what-ifs”2 and a fine detail specialist.

2 Iturbe, A. (2012, September). Badaezpada. Berria.

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